Different Types of Leather Loafers for Men

Men’s shoes are in a class of their own. As much as women shoes are raved about and popular, a well-made shoe for men possesses an elegance to it that is unparalleled. Have you seen a guy in a good pair of shoes, it takes up his confidence several notches. It’s often said that the first thing a woman notices in a guy is his shoes, whether that is true or not, it is undeniable that there is something to be said about a good pair of men shoes. Now all this rave about shoes is not for all types of men shoes. As much as sneakers are flip-flops are common and convenient, this post is not for them. Men’s loafers, Leather Loafers, in particular, are a great choice of quality footwear for men. Below we’ll discuss the various types of leather loafers that are available to men.

Leather Loafers

Though leather loafers come in different forms and have different names, the classic leather loafer is always a great option. They are a great choice to be worn with either dress pants, suits, or jeans. Now, they handle suits and jeans equally well. But, they don’t lend themselves to business or dressy occasions where lace-up shoes are preferred. Leather Loafers have soles and uppers made from separate pieces of material. You should also know that for casual and everyday wear leather loafers are a good alternative to sneakers.

Tassel Loafers

Tassel loafers fall under the category of preppy footwear. It’s a style that you’d probably expect to see on your dean of students feet or your distinguished professor. Despite its appeal to the older class, the tassel loafer has been resurrected to become a footwear staple in the casual menswear shoe game. It’s essentially a standard loafer, meaning a laceless, low-cut shoe with a separate sole just with the addition of a tassel that hangs off the tongue. This type of shoe is made for the summer, so whether you’re hitting up a barbecue or a casual night out, you’re good to go. For best results, remember to pair your tassel loafers with some fitted pants or shorts. Never wear them with socks.

Penny Loafers

Now, penny loafers used to be the official preppy shoes. What used to be referred to as the “official shoe” of preps worldwide is now street-style approved for all guys to rock not just ivy league boys in polos. This type of loafer features a leather strap across the top, complete with a slit (often in the shape of a diamond) big enough to hold a coin (hence the name). It’s a simple style that is the epitome of versatility; penny loafers can be worn to summer weddings, while running errands around the city, and every other casual summer occasion in between. That versatility extends across all pant types too—from jeans, chinos, casual suits and more.


Chukkas usually have two to three pairs of eyelets, a plain leather finish, and a crepe (white) rubber sole.

Desert Boots (Hipster shoes)

Desert boots are a type of Chukka but unlike Chukkas, desert boots always have suede uppers. They’re also unlined and often lighter, and so the desert boot is the one I prefer.

Desert boots become one of the more popular boot styles in recent menswear history and among hipsters. A lightweight construction and all-day comfort may have something to do with that. It’s a versatile shoe type that can be worn three out of the four seasons, adding the perfect element of smart casual to your wardrobe. A simple, everyday shoe with lots of color options, the desert boot will never go out of style, and it has the potential to quickly becoming your go-to shoes for daily wear and a trip to the cafe.

Chelsea Boots (Also a Hipster Shoe)

This is a style of shoe that has become synonymous with artists and rock stars and wannabe artists and rock stars. The Chelsea boot, with its heritage-inspired look, adds dimension to a man’s wardrobe, with its sleek, clean lines lending themselves nicely to the fitted attire that is so prevalent in menswear today. It’s an old-school shoe with new school swag.

Oxford Shoes

Now I can’t make a list of men’s shoes without mentioning the Oxford. The Oxford may be a dress shoe by definition, but you may as well throw out rule book because the popularity of the shoe style from a historical perspective has propelled it from the prep school campus to the forefront of casual footwear in recent times. The British-inspired design has been reimagined as an American staple that works on many levels. Contrary to popular misconception, every lace-up shoe is NOT an Oxford. Unlike a Derby shoe, which is almost identical except for its open front, the oxford stands out for its closed lacing system—a feature that lends itself nicely to clean, minimalist wear.

Advantages of Leather Loafers

Now that we have listed different types of leather loafers, let’s talk about why they are a good choice to get. What and advantages do they provide?

Did you know leather breathes? Not like actual breathing but rather it lets air pass through the material. This is great for leather shoes because the material lets air in to cool your feet and stop them from smelling.

They are Durable:

One of the biggest benefits of leather shoes is they are durable. Genuine leather shoes can outlive other shoes made from synthetic materials. High-quality leather stays strong against demanding work environments meaning the shoes will last much longer.  Some people may get put off spending more for leather shoes but because they last longer, they are an investment. Buying one pair of leather shoes can be cheaper than having to buy two pairs of synthetic shoes over a short period

They are Water Resistant:

If the leather is treated or waxed then it will be resistant to water and other liquids. When working outside you need to wear shoes that are water resistant to keep your feet dry and avoid any external damage to the shoe. Leather shoes can keep your toes dry from any spills or puddles. This is especially a great plus in the spring when unexpected sprinkles of rain show up throughout the day.